Tuesday, 8 March 2011


       Today more than ever, it is important that we use every means at our disposal to raise people's awareness of the political situation in today's society and the struggle that will be required to hold on to, let alone improve, our living conditions. Activists trying to get people involved in these struggles will use leaflets, meetings and free papers in that attempt. However one medium that I believe is not used to its full potential is music. Songs can tell a story, inspire, inform and unite, participation in music can can, by inclusion, empower. We need those rousing choruses, we need to remember our past, and there is no better way to see to those needs than by the song.

      A website dedicated to the political song and with the aim of empowering people is, Giving Voice Workshops and with the following statement, it is certainly worth a visit. “This mission is achieved by providing a wide range of workshops delivered to diverse groups across the life long learning spectrum, as well as facilitating access to a large collection of relevant resources, and consultancy and support for researchers and the media. The work of Giving Voice Workshops is inspired by a belief in participatory learning, empowerment through inclusion, and an ethos of social justice for all.”

       I'm sure you will be encouraged and enriched if you delve in and participate.

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