Monday, 21 March 2011


    The absolute monarch of Bahrain, King Hamad, violently crushes peaceful protesters, in the process dozens are killed and he claims that a foreign plot has been crushed. Across the way, Qaddafi claims that the protesters are a foreign plot and starts to crush them violently. In the first case the West nods approvingly, and in the second, it starts to bomb the shit out of the country. Could it be that the Western imperialist powers are playing favourites? To the Western powers are the protesters in Libya worth more than the protesters in Bahrain? We can stand by and watch one group being brutally crushed but must run in and save the second group. Though the saving may leave their country torn asunder and could lead to civil war for some years to come. Of course that would be fine by the West, it could set up a puppet government and take control of the oil, just like Iraq. Am I being a little too cynical?

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  1. It's not oil. Bahrain has a lot more of the black stuff than the Gadfly has. Bahrain is proper 'Arabia' Libya is an African country.
    Bahrain is too near Saudi Arabia which is the one Arabian country that cannot be bombed without devastating consequences and lets not forget just a 1000 Saudi troops were invited into Bahrain to have a pop at the 'protesters' there.

    Nothing is as it is portrayed int Media absolutely nothing.

  2. Bahrain has limited oil, it was the first successful oil well to be drilled in the Persian gulf. Because of its limited oil it has diversified its eceonomy. Its main interest as far as the West is concerned is that it is home to one of America's large fleets, very handy in an oil rich area. Also it is on best buddy terms with Saudi Arabia, a friendly oil country. Saudi Arabia is probably the largest arms purchaser in the area, big bucks for the British arms industry. For these reasons the West has no interest in upsetting the power structure in the area. On the other hand Gaddafi's oil was never really under our control, it will be soon.