Thursday, 10 March 2011


        The Disability Living Allowance claimants who are having to go through the process of re-assessment are having to face a much flawed system. As far as I am aware, Atos the company responsible for the assessments, does not require staff to have any training in or understanding of mental illness. And as anybody who has any knowledge of mental illness is aware, the condition can vary considerably from day to day. So it is difficult to understand how a one of, one day visit can adequately assess someone as fit for work. Of course the very fact that you are facing a short one of meeting that could affect the rest of your life, only adds stress and can aggravate the condition. There are lots of people on Disability Living Allowance who have physical conditions that fluctuate wildly from one day feeling not too bad, to other days when they are completely incapacitated. How does a short meeting assess this accurately? The Guardian has an excellent article on this subject HERE.

          The whole philosophy behind this unfair, stressful re-assessment system is based on an ideology that all those on benefit are scroungers, and the self righteous pampered millionaire parasites, that is our government, is intent on weeding them out. Who are the scroungers? Those pampered millionaires who have grown up in a cloistered world of unearned wealth and excess, or those on benefit struggling day to day to make ends meet? I have no doubt that a few do work the system and get a meagre living out of it, but the vast majority by far are legitimate claims and those on benefits do not lead a life of luxury, they struggle from day to day. Compare this with the abuse of the system by the over paid MPs with their expenses fiddles, those massive fat bonuses paid to grossly over paid bankers, the abuse of the system by the tax dodging corporations, and the millionaires with their wealth tucked away in some tax haven while prancing about in this country giving advice to their millionaire friends in government.

        This attack on those on benefit is an attack on the working class and they should not have to face it alone. On benefit or not, we have to stand side by side with those who are on benefits. These benefit cuts are only one aspect of a general attack on our class by the pampered parasite class. Deficit my arse, it is all about privatising everything and grabbing public assets into private hands.

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