Wednesday, 9 March 2011


       For all those on benefit these are very worrying times as our millionaire public school thugs set about cutting and hacking at any form of social benefits. People on Disability Living Allowance are probably among the most vulnerable of those being targeted. Apart from living with their respective health problems, they now have to go through a worrying and stressful process of re-assessment, a process that is no more than an attempt to get them off benefit, saving the government money, irrespective of the effect on the individual concerned.

        Those on benefit and facing cuts should not have to fight this alone, it is important that they are furnished with as much information and support as possible. It is important that they are aware of their rights in all situations. There is a website set up for that very purpose, where you will find a wealth of information on all aspects of benefits and the intended cuts, and how to handle re-assessments. You can find it HERE.

      Please spread the word of the help that is available, come together in support, nobody should be alone in these circumstances, unity is strength.

      Everything you need to know on the benefit cuts situation ;

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