Wednesday, 5 October 2011


        The cost of the war without a reason raging in Afghanistan has and is costing the UK dear. Not only is it draining the public purse at a time when our cabal of millionaires in the cabinet are slashing viciously at all our social services, but even more seriously, it is costing the lives and future of thousands of our young people. Leaving aside the massive slaughter of Afghans on their own soil by foreign troops they never asked to enter their country, the figures for the UK suffering is unacceptable. Along side the 382 UK deaths since the start of this tragedy there is the wounded. 

Centrally available records show that: For the period 1 January 2006 to 15September 2011:

       1,792 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK Field Hospitals and categorised        as wounded in Action.
3,440 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK Field Hospitals for disease or non-battle injuries.
       256 UK personnel were categorised as Very Seriously Injured from all causes excluding disease.
       268 UK personnel were categorised as Seriously Injured from all causes excluding disease.

      Then of course there are those who have suffered trauma and will struggle with mental heath problems, probably for the rest of their lives, causing more suffering and anguish for their friends and families and so the misery spreads. WHY. 
Don't you know, wars create jobs.

       Ask any of our pampered politicians why we are there and each one will give a different reason. They'll have to give some reason, for them to admit that they don't know would not go down too well with their bosses. I'm sure any man or woman on the street would most certainly find it hard to come up with a reason and no doubt each reason would differ from the other. The truth is this war defies reason. I'm sure somewhere deep in the dark corridors of corrupt power there will be a handful of millionaires who know the reason for this ten years and counting slaughter and destruction. Somewhere there will be a benefit to some corporate body, perhaps the arms industry, they must be making a mint from the death and destruction. Perhaps it will be the Western corporate mining sector, rubbing their sweaty hands thinking of all that mineral buried under the mountains of Afghanistan and all that cheap labour in a country with no infrastructure. The corporate world feeds on the blood of the people, slaughter in Iraq, all that shiny black oil, Libya, more of the black stuff. The potential wealth for the corporate world from all those precious minerals waiting to be exploited by the wealthy and powerful Western mining sector will gladden the heart of many of those on any Stock exchange.

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