Sunday, 2 October 2011


       Our millionaire public school thugs keep spouting that what they are doing is for the benefit of the country. What do they mean by “benefit of country”? What most people would think is that it is for he benefit of the people of that country. However the policies being administered by this bunch of millionaire parasites is most certainly not for the benefit of the people. Let's start with the £9billion cut from disability benefit, hitting some of the most vulnerable in our society. Then of course there is those effects that are not linked to any specific cut, like for example the fact that in the last year FareShare, which redistributes waste food from food manufacturers and super markets to various social care charities, has seen the demand for its food rise from 29,500 to 35,000 and increase of 20%. A lot of those coming forward for the food are from what would be termed “stable families” affected by rising unemployment. The number of charities applying to the FareShare scheme has risen from 600 to 700 over the last year. Almost half of those charities signed up to the scheme have claimed that the demand for their food services has risen by more than 50%. That's an awful lot of people depending on food handouts to survive, in what is one of the richest countries in the world. So much for “the benefit of the country”. Another action for “the benefit of the country” is a wage freeze, and in some cases, a wage cut, on public sector employees, while inflation is running at 5% and fuel bills for heating have risen by 18% this year alone. What is the total so far that are benefiting from these policies?

     Cuts in social services and benefits, wage freeze and wage cuts, high inflation and rocketing fuel prices, cuts in education, closure of libraries, leisure centres, and school, attempts to privatise the National Health Service, higher pension contributions, working longer and lower pensions at retiral, plus unemployment rising, all for your benefit. Of course you won't benefit now, but in 20 years or so this will be a great country for big business, lots of cheap labour and hundreds chasing every job. What you are being promised is the usual pie in the sky for you, and an immediate killing for the millionaire parasite class. So as far as they are concerned what they are doing is for “the benefit of the country”, as they consider it is their country, we are just the tools by which they make their fortunes. In the words of that old song,”When will we ever learn”?

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