Sunday, 9 October 2011


         Several weeks of protests in New York by the Occupy Wall St. movement and still the media give it a very low key approach, the fact that it is spreading to other cities in America makes no difference what so ever. It is not hitting the headlines, there is obviously a form of censorship in the West. You can report protests and up-risings in lots of countries across the world, the further away the better, the nearer to home the less coverage they get. Not much in the European media about the protests in Athens, Madrid and Rome, to mention a few, but lots of cover on the uprisings in the Middle East. As Julian Assange said at the London anti-war protests this weekend, "journalist peddle lies", but what is equally abhorrent is the non reporting of certain events when it might throw a bad light on their lords and masters the corporate world. The mainstream media is a subservient tool of the corporate world, the peddler of illusions, a PR machine for the corporate and political parasites at the top. It is time that we stopped looking to the mainstream media for "news" and stick with the independent alternative media, activists' news-sheets, internet, facebook, twitter, etc. Let the mainstream media peddle their lies to the thin air. Information on Protests and Anti-war info.

By John Hartfield.

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