Monday, 3 October 2011


        The following is a short extract from Tony Benn's speech made at the weekend. It is all well and good what he says, but we don't want to to defeat the government and see a Miliband Labour government in its place. After all the man himself Ed, has said that they cannot reverse the cuts. To replace the Cameron/Clegg millionaires with look-a-like named Miliband is hardly going to improve the conditions of the ordinary people of this country. They are all singing from the same music sheet, it's just that the Cameron mob are singing it as a reel, while the Miliband bunch want to sing it as a waltz. The end result will be the same, a drastically decimated welfare system, a low wage economy and millionaires making loads of cash. It is not the faces at the front of the package that is the problem, it is the package itself.

          “The present government is mounting the biggest attack ever made on the welfare state created after the Second World War. Their aim is to finish the work begun under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.
         When people came back from the war, the view was that it was the responsibility of government, representing the people as a whole, to provide affordable homes, free medical care, education for all, and key public services.
        All of that is now under threat. The Con-Dem Coalition's programme of austerity and privatisation will take us back 80 years.
          We are going to need a tidal wave of resistance from below to defeat the government. Every one of us needs to get active, involve others, spread the spirit of resistance to help to build a united mass movement to stop the cuts.”

What we want is a mass movement of resistance to change the system, not to change the face at the podium or the bums on the seats of power, and party political politics will never do that.

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