Monday, 3 October 2011


       According to our wonderful unbiased mainstream media, this isn't happening. We are talking about thousands occupying Wall St, we are talking about 700 arrests at the Brooklyne Bridge, we are talking about the area being occupied for nearly two weeks, and occupations popping up all over America. It would seem that our media has a problem with its near sight and can't see what is under its nose but has good long sight and can tell you what is happening a couple of thousand miles away, of course with a bit of distortion.

       The stench of the greed from the system is beginning to choke the nostrils of the people and they don't like it. Across the globe people are coming onto the streets and the shout is always the same, “the system doesn't work for the people”. How can we accept a system that alienates so many people. We are aware of the poverty and deprivation that blots every country on the planet, some more than others but no country is immune, the system doesn't work for the people.

        Modifying it will not get rid of the basic principle of the system, put in a dollar and take out two, something for nothing for the few and grinding struggle for the rest. Remember Obama's "change", more of the same type of "change" is what you will get if you just tinker with the system. There are alternatives to this profit driven system, it doesn't take much imagination to come up with a system of co-operation and mutual aid, a system that sees to the needs of all our people based on sustainability. We don't need the parasites of the corporate or financial worlds, they produce nothing of any use, all they are interested in is more power and wealth for their cosy little cabal and the rest of us can go to hell in a hand cart.

      Can we look forward to the time when the people of every country occupy their towns and cities, their villages and communities and decide how they want to live, and how to do it in co-operation and federation with all others, shaking the billionaire parasites off their backs, creating a sustainable world of mutual aid free from deprivation? Why not?

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