Monday, 10 October 2011


           The Occupy Wall St. movement in America just keeps growing and growing but the media coverage is minimal. How can they ignore such a vast event in their own back yard yet claim to be bring you the news as it happens? They will give you lots of details of celebrities, sex and sleaze and bring you the latest sports results, but on no account bring you information that might help you to sort out the problems in this type of society. Gather your information from the mainstream media and you will be blind and impotent, they are a tool of the corporate fascist system that we live under. They do a wonderful job of creating illusions, of weaving impossible dreams before your eyes, they legitimise greed and excess, they glorify war, they bury reality beneath a sludge of pointless drivel. This is their job and they are very good at it, the world they portray is never the real world where we the real people live.

@OccupyTheHood, Occupy Wall Street from adele pham on Vimeo.


The questions arise. Why war and hunger?
Why does poverty continue to linger?
Why such need in a world of wealth?
Why put a price on a child’s health?
Confused and angry the public stand
gazing in disbelief at this pathetic band.
Those shiney politicians designed by spin
their street credibility paper thin,
the great persuaders looking the mood
struggling so hard just for our good!
Masters of the art of wheeling and dealing
exceptional experts at legal stealing.
Enter the Media, drowning us all in trivial text,
everything you need know
of scandal and sport, crime and sex.
Together they create a world of confusion
all fashion and style, a vicious illusion.
So no matter how often we point at need,
we always drown in a sea of greed,
no debate entered into, no answers found,
the waffle the babble goes round and round.

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