Friday, 28 October 2011


      Now that the Libyan regime has been replace to the satisfaction of the Western oil companies, the truth is starting to come out. At first we were lead to believe that it was a people's “uprising” against the regime and our heroic peace loving NATO stepped in to save civilian deaths. However it now seems to be that it was a fundamentalist engineered uprising and Qatar and Sudan have now stated that they sent in forces to help the “uprising”. It is also stated that Libyan al-Qaeda groups fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq return to Libya to help the “rebels”. What kind of “people's” uprising is it if it is supported by troops from at least two different countries and the force of NATO plus war hardened religious fundamentalist al-Qaeda groups and takes more than six months to overthrow the regime?  It is obvious that if NATO hadn't stepped in with its, over 10,000 strikes, the "uprising" would have fizzled out. This is in no way to condone the Gadaffi regime, but does show the lies behind the West's talk of protecting civilians in a people's uprising. The last thing the West would do is send in NATO to support is a people's uprising, especially if it was somewhere in the West.

      Already the citizens of Sirte are beginning to vent their anger at the violence that has been heaped upon them, no doubt other divisions will make themselves clear as NATO, Sudan and Qatar all withdraw and the Libyan people start to make their real voice heard.
     What the West can look forward to is profit from all that oil and all that re-construction that needs to be done after we blow the place to bits.

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