Monday, 24 October 2011


      Occupy Glasgow had its first assembly and almost 500 people came together to discuss their gripes and grievances, hopes and dreams, It soon became apparent that the way society is run today got all the gripes and grievances but none of the hopes nor dreams. It is now so blatantly obvious that the system works for the corporate world, and their growth depends on the exploitation of the ordinary people. Though still not the largest occupation, but growing all the time, and it has a cross section of all the citizens of Glasgow and beyond. All enthusiastic and informed and willing to take what Glasgow's winter can throw at them to make their voices heard.

      They still need support in numbers and materials, pay them a visit, you'll be surprised at the number of ways you can assist in this occupation without actually camping down, though the more of them the better. Visit their web site, visit the groups involved, discuss what you see as the way this society should be shaped, your voice counts, this is a place to let it be heard. This is a golden opportunity to contribute to creating a better world for all our children and our grandchildren.

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