Tuesday, 18 October 2011


                An appeal for solidarity from LabourStart. There is a lot going on at the moment in the form of the Occupy movement, but we should not forget that there are other struggles that go on day in day out, as people fight for a decent living standard as the try to earn their crust of bread from a totally corrupt and exploitive system. We are fighting a festering marriage of state and corporate greed. Please give a few minutes of your time to send a message to Suzuki that we are that 99% and we can fight on every front.

Striking workers at Suzuki in India.

Seven thousand Suzuki workers in India need our help today.

      Following an intense, and sometimes violent, month-long struggle, they finally reached agreement with the employer at the end of September. But when they returned to work, it turned out that Suzuki had changed its mind, and was not going to abide by the agreement it had signed.

The result has been a resumption of the strike, with a violent reaction from management.

Shots have been fired at the strikers.
And the government is taking management's side, declaring the strike to be "illegal".

       Those workers, with the support of the International Metalworkers Federation, are asking for us to send messages -- thousands of messages -- to the company demanding that it stop the violence, and respect the agreement it signed with its workers.

And then forward this message on to your fellow trade unionists.

        We've also been asked by the International Transport Workers Federation to show our support to the Philippines airline union -- please click here to learn more and send your messages.

       Finally, UNI Global Union is running an online campaign in support of workers in El Salvador - you can sign up here.

Thanks for your support!

Eric Lee

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