Wednesday, 26 October 2011


         The recent riots across a large swath of England are no longer in the headlines, the state and their propaganda machine, the media, would like to think that the public have accepted the pumped out lies that it was all down to mindless thugs and blind vandalism. The state's vengeance on those who would dare to break their sacrosanct love of property has seen over 2,000 people dragged through the courts and threatened evictions. All this done out of the spotlight and it still goes on. At no time is it mentioned that in this country there are thousands of young people with no hope of a future, no wealth of possessions, no choice of opportunities, in the midst of opulence, and greed. What the state and its millionaire cronies want is that those young people just accept their place at the bottom of the heap in this repressive and exploitative system. What they don't say is WHY.
    The following is an extract from an interesting article in Freedom Socialist.

       ---The rioters, far from being “animals,” are young people with bleak prospects. Like all over the globe, this “lost generation” is fighting for its future. Add police brutality and murder to the mix and the riots make total sense. As for “crimes,” committed during the riots, how can people respect private property when they have none of their own? How can youth respect a state where police routinely harass minorities and poor people, and are never found guilty of deaths in custody?
The real criminals are global corporations and neoliberal governments that allow banks and big businesses to amass vast fortunes while the majority of society suffers.

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