Monday, 10 October 2011


        An appeal from Amnesty International.
       It’s designed to cause maximum suffering. It generally takes between 20 minutes and two agonising hours to kill someone. Those sentenced to death are more likely to be poor and marginalised, particularly women.

And as you read this, 14 people in Iran are at risk of this inhumane death.

How to stone someone to death.
      Stoning is mandatory under Iranian law for men and women convicted of ‘adultery while married’.
The Penal Code explains in chilling detail how to carry out the punishment, from how deeply to bury the victim in the ground to the size of the stones to use: not so large as to kill too quickly, not so small as to cause too little hurt.

How to help stop stoning.
        However, right now the Iranian authorities are reviewing that very document - the Penal Code - which details all the country’s criminal law. They can and should remove stoning from it.
With your pressure we can encourage them to end this barbaric practice, once and for all.

Thank you,

Clare Bracey
Death Penalty Campaigner

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