Sunday, 1 July 2012


      This must be the first time in history that the struggles of the ordinary people across the globe have been happening in an awareness of the other's struggle. It is no longer isolated struggles in a disconnected world, it is now seen as one struggle against a world wide corporate monster that runs rampant, raping and plundering the planet. There may be different shades in the struggle, independence, human rights, etc. but the dominant struggle is the end of this system that enslaves millions, creates poverty, wars and deprivation, all in the name of profit for a small bunch of parasites.
       Of course the struggle is not new, but the conditions open to us today are new. We can communicate and organise almost on an instantaneous manner right across the planet. If the people so desire they can shut down a city centre, under today's conditions there is nothing that says they can't shut down a continent. The problem is, what next? We have to prepare for that moment when we take control and the corporate monster gasps it last breath and becomes a bad memory in the human psyche. There will be many problems and many false roads, and no guarantees, it will be a new script, still to be written.  
       The following is an extract from an interesting article from TruthDig:
         Our dying corporate class, corrupt, engorged on obscene profits and indifferent to human suffering, is the guarantee that the mass movement will expand and flourish. No one knows when. No one knows how. The future movement may not resemble Occupy. It may not even bear the name Occupy. But it will come. I have seen this before. And we should use this time to prepare, to educate ourselves about the best ways to fight back, to learn from our mistakes, as many Occupiers are doing in New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and other cities. There are dark and turbulent days ahead. There are powerful and frightening forces of hate, backed by corporate money, that will seek to hijack public rage and frustration to create a culture of fear. It is not certain we will win. But it is certain this is not over.
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