Sunday, 29 July 2012


         Despite the savage slashing of the standard of living of the Greek people over the last few years, despite the resulting poverty, degradation and deprivation sweeping across the general population, the financial Mafia have insisted on more of the same. According to the “Troika” (the financial Mafia's hit team) the Greek people have not been crushed enough and the Greek state apparatus agrees. It's not for the Greek government to look out for the interests of the Greek people, they are there to manage the “austerity” plans of the financial Mafia. So on top of gross hardships the people of Greece are struggling under, on top of the “austerity” cuts that are already in place, they have to be hit with a further €11.5 billion in cuts for 2013. Among other degrading measures, this will entail further cuts in pensions, raising the pension age, more cuts to public sector wages, more public sector sackings and more privatisation. Of course we are told that all this transferring of public money to the bankers is for the benefit of the Greek people. To save the bankers and bond markets from suffering from their gambling losses, the people have to be stripped naked. While the financial Mafia recoup their gambled loot, the people are promised pie in the sky in the bye and bye. While this looting goes on, the people are expected to suffer in silence and feel better knowing that the coffers of the bankers are being replenished. All that matters in this crazy, unjust, economic system (corporate fascism) is that the billionaires of this world don't lose their ill gotten plunder, the people are of little or no concern. The world that the people live in can be shit, that's OK, just don't let the leeches and the parasites lose their power and wealth.

You have to cut wages, we need a bailout.

           Of course we have to accept that if we all sit back, sleeping in the illusion that it is all happening somewhere over there and we are all right Jack, we are in for a very rude awakening. It is not a matter of the Greek people done something wrong, so have to pay the price, the Greek people done nothing wrong. It is a pan-European policy and we are all going through the stages. Where Greece is going we are following. Spain and Italy teetering on the brink, Ireland and Portugal, slipping down the slope and several Eastern European countries beside them or not far behind. There is nothing in this process that will show compassion because the people are suffering, we are not in the equation. If we don't like being ripped off by a billionaire class, then we have to sort the problem, we have to take control, we have to shape the society we want. They are shaping it the way that they want it to be, we sit back and let them or we shape it the way we want, there is no compromise. 

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