Friday, 20 July 2012


     We have always know that this type of society gives a myriad of choices, almost limitless, but all about how to make micro adjustments to the system, the choice that is denied everybody is the choice to change to an alternative system.
This extract is from an article on Void Mirror that details this in more detail:

Policy-makers nit-pick over the finer details but preserve the core, and in the wider population, in opinion polls, national elections and everyday conversation, ‘everyone is asked their opinion about every detail in order to prevent them having one about the totality.’ And so we’re left with a set of choices; pointless policy debates over taxation, budgets, bail-outs, bonuses, regulation – everything on the agenda is a set piece of fine-tuning and tweaking but never questioning the legitimacy of the whole - the social machine in its entirety.
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