Tuesday, 31 July 2012


      A moving and personal tale from the one who is there. Teacher Dude's Grill and BBQ, is an insight into what happens when our political lords and masters follow the grand plan as dictated by the financial Mafia. It is a personal view of social disintegration and the struggle to survive.

         While for many outside, the main symptoms of the current economic crisis are the soup kitchens in central Athens, or perhaps the violent confrontations that light up TV screens from time to time,there is another quieter yet just as significant trend sweeping Greece. Thousands upon thousands of Greeks are on the move, leaving the larger cities for the countryside or smaller provincial towns or leaving the country to try their luck abroad. As with so many other economic and social upheavals the current one has forced people to move. However, there are no endless trails of refugees marching along dusty roads, or convoys of dispossessed Okies with their belonging strapped to the top of a car. Instead it's the steady rhythm of friends, neighbours and colleagues gradually slipping away.

        There are no firm figures for the numbers involved and those official statistics that do surface in the media often contradict themselves, however, the plan fact is that I see it with my own eyes every day. In every apartment block in every street no entrance hall is complete without a handful of For Rent or For Sale signs, apartments lay empty for months on end, even though the removal vans seem to be doing a roaring trade.
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