Tuesday, 3 July 2012


   Bank scandals, corporate fiddling taxes, trampling human rights, all in the name of greed. It is the system that is corrupt, the individual  corporate bodies just play the game of profit before all else. People, their rights and their needs don't come into the equation.
    Two years after signing an agreement with the IUF which it has never implemented, Unilever is on the verge of committing itself to 4 more years of violating the basic rights of a group of Indian workers. Does the company's signature signify nothing?
       The agreement signed under the auspices of the UK government in July 2010 committed Unilever to restoring to the workers in its factory in Doom Dooma, Assam (India) their right to freely choose the union they wished to adhere to and which would represent them for collective bargaining purposes.
    The last two years, however, have seen only evasions, provocations and management lies. Management is now preparing to sign a new, long-term agreement with the organization it created to crush the IUF's affiliate and confiscate their rights for yet another 4 years. The workers have never had the possibility to do what they were promised: freely choose their union in conditions of security and anonymity,
Act now! - click here send a message to company CEO Paul Polman telling Unilever to honor the agreement they have signed.

Ron Oswald
General Secretary, IUF

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