Sunday, 1 July 2012


          According to a recent survey, 4 out 5 people questioned wanted individuals to be prosecuted when banks break the law. How sad, that means that they want to keep the same banking system which is no more than a millionaires gambling casino. They seem to think if you put a new suit at the roulette wheel everything will work out well for everybody. 

 If you don't pay us enough, we'll leave.

      There is nothing wrong with the banking system, short of the odd fiddle or two, which all the corporate world are into as a matter of routine. No, it is working just fine and is doing what it was designed to do, make lots of money for those that run the banks. Commercial banks were never set up to be compassionate and caring, and to see to the needs of the people. They are part and parcel of the capitalist grand plan, wealth for the few and screw the many. Banks are the lubricant of the exploitative capitalist system with a gambling casino at their heart. So let's not talk about prosecution, but talk of destroying the system that relies on banks, and banks rely on. Then we will not have to trouble our heads with the prosecutions of fiddling parasites. Bank Chairmen will resign, CEO will come and go, but the fiddles will still go on, as money buys the greedy and all too often, the needy.

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