Wednesday, 4 July 2012


        June 27 saw the launch of a manifesto for a global democracy. What's your take on it, where would you criticise it, what would you add, what would you take out. If it is to be a global democracy, your voice must be in there somewhere. If you are pissed off with the way things are run at the moment and think we the people should have the controlling saw on what happens to us, then you have to raise your voice, join in the debate, let your voice be heard or it will never happen.

We hivty hiv a say in this.


       Politics lags behind the facts. We live in an era of deep technological and economic change that has not been matched by a similar development of public institutions responsible for its regulation. The economy has been globalized but political institutions and democracy have not kept pace. In spite of their many peculiarities, differences and limitations, the protests that are growing all over the world show an increasing discontent with the decision-making system, the existing forms of political representation and their lack of capacity for defending common goods. They express a demand for more and better democracy.

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  1. The world has changed faster than poolitics, unfortunately it has changed faster than the abilities of human society to adapt.
    But corporateism (rather than capitalism, there is little true capitalism around now) has forced the pace of change. And the corporate system, like Steinbeck's monster, has to keep growing or else it will dies. Hence we must keep changing at an ever faster pace.
    Unitil, that is, people are free enough in their own minds to say "I don't want to live my life online, I don't want to authorise corporations to dip into my bank account whenever they feel like it, I don't want to 'share' information about what I have been buying with everybody on facebook.

    In the end it is down to individuals to cure the malaise.