Sunday, 22 July 2012


        The Spanish miners marching from Asturias to Madrid and then being attacked by riot police seems to have been the spark that lit the fire. Since then the people of Spain have mounted a series of protests across the country. Unemployed have marched from Andalusia, Catalonia and elsewhere into Madrid and are filling the centre of the city. The effects of previous “austerity” measures and the newly announced IMF/ECB dictated further €65 billion “austerity” cuts, a 3% increase in VAT, the attack on the miners and their supporters and an unemployment rate of 24.6% takes life in Spain to the level to which the financial Mafia have succeeded in foisting on the Greek people. Now, like Greece, the Spanish people are fighting back, the protests have been joined by fire-fighters and police in civilian clothes as well as civil servants. Last Thursday evening 500 police and fire-fighters protested in front of the Spanish parliament saying “We are angry because we have lost 30% of our income.” and on Friday, civil servants set up road blocks and were soon joined by nurses, teachers, university professors and doctors. On Friday evening a Facebook organised protest brought thousands out in front of parliament, they were promptly attacked by riot police. The ruling parasites are obviously concerned and there has been a rather stupid and shallow token response from the royal family, they have suggested that their budget takes a slight cut. Another piece of “we're all in this together” shit.
       The quicker the people of Europe realise that what is happening In Greece and Spain, with Italy, Ireland and Portugal not far behind, is coming our way, the better. The system isn't going to fix itself and get everybody back to “The good ol' days”, that never were, this is a downward spiral with ordinary people having their social structures decimated, a downward spiral the will make deprivation the norm. Call it what you will, but this is murder, thousands of people are dying, some slowly by health problems and malnutrition caused by poverty, others quickly by suicide, (check the increase in Greece). It is not an accident, it is the result of deliberate financial policies carried by our so called elected representatives at the dictate of the financial Mafia. A financial Mafia that is faceless, unelected, unaccountable, and yet controls our lives. These policies have only two results, the destruction of our standard of living and an increase in the wealth of that financial Mafia and their hit men.That's the system that we accept, why?

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