Friday, 13 July 2012


         Like I keep saying, capitalist "crisis" is always fertile breeding ground for fascists and we have to be ever vigilant that their tainted seeds don't take root in communities.
This from Contra Info:
        The historicity of crisis indicates how it leads to an intensification of exploitation, to impoverishment and social fascistization. The exit from the crisis will not come from either the State, or the para-State, or criminal gangs. Our defense against crisis is the relations of mutual aid and mutual support, self-organization, social structures, comradeship and solidarity. Only then can we stand on our feet and preserve our dignity.
       The ‘troubling incidents’ (as mentioned derogatory by the local bourgeois Press), which began with the attempts of the Golden Dawn to set foot in Agrinio, are not a ‘vendetta’ between some extremes. They arise from the very history of Agrinio… The society of a town with a profound fighting background, with bloodshed memories of labour struggles, of mass executions and public hangings, cannot let the descendants of informers, collaborates and German-Tsoliades go about pretending to be rescuers in its streets, alleys and farm fields.
Our answer is political and derives straight from the movement!
Not one step back!
Neither in Agrinio, nor anywhere
Crush the fascists in towns and villages
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