Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Beware, Big Brother Has Arrived.

     You walk, you pause, you look, you take a photograph, your are being watched, you are now a suspect. Your behaviour is slightly out of the normal, the cameras have picked up on this, you may be questioned, your house could be searched. This is not Orwell's 1984, this is the UK today. To stay out of "their" radar, walk at a steady pace, just look straight ahead, don't linger, stay in the centre of the pavement, be a clone of the others. Individuality, eccentricity, must be shunned if you want to retain what is left of your privacy.
     Every city in the country is littered with hi-tec cameras, backed up by extremely sophisticate software, you are possible suspects, possible criminals, you all must be watched at all times and in all circumstances. Knowing your every move makes you so much easier to be controlled.
       It can't be a free society when my every move is monitored by people I don't know, for purposes I have no knowledge of, and I have no say in that monitoring. We are indeed in the Orwellian society and most of the public are completely unaware. The cameras just sit there, morning and night, day in day out, watching analysing, trying to fit you into a pattern, marking you out if you don't fit. This Western "democracy" today.

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  1. The day is approaching when the only intermediary between exploiters and exploited the will be the machine.