Friday, 31 May 2013

Who Will See To Our Needs?

       While our millionaire political playboys keep re-assuring us that they are on the right track to economic recovery, the figures just don't stack up. In the 17 nation Euro Zone, unemployment has reached a new record high, in fact the highest since the EU statistics office started collecting data in 1995. Unemployment in the Euro Zone is sitting at 12.2% with several countries well over that average. Unemployment of young people in Greece is now over 60%, while Italy is facing the highest unemployment in 36 years, with the young of that country having to live with more than 40% unemployment. France, the second largest economy in the Euro Zone is also facing a new record in unemployment. At the same time the Euro Zone is faced with the longest recession since 1999. Green shoots of growth??? 
       Of course all those committees of economic experts have grand plans, they will oscillate between deeper austerity and printing more money. To discuss this as an economic problem will keep the answers in the economic bracket and so will go round and round on how to cut the debt, how fast to cut the debt, to forget the debt for a moment and print more money to spend. All of which means more of the same for you and I, a life of struggle. 
      Also to keep the discussion in the economic field masks the real problem, it is a human problem. In Greece what does 62.7% unemployment mean to the young people of that country? What does the future hold for that 40% of unemployed young Italians? Are they suffering because we in Europe do not have the material resources to see to their needs? Are we saying that as a continent we don't know how to use the potential energy and skill of all those young people? Or is it that the system is geared to making sure that the wealthy continue to stay wealthy at the cost of the future of our children and our grand children.  

     Europe is an extremely wealth continent, well capable of supporting all its people, there is food in abundance, there are things that need doing, there are people willing to do them, but unless there is a profit in it for that over fed, pampered bunch of parasites that sit in the ivory towers of control, then those young lives can go and rot in some dingy back street. 
       The real problem is the system, capitalism cannot see to the needs of all our people, it wasn't set up to see to the welfare of the people, it wasn't started to see that everybody got a job, it wasn't set up to improve the well being of the ordinary people. It is doing what it was set up to do, create wealth for the business class and at the moment it is doing that very well indeed, so don't look for any real changes from that bunch. To see to the needs of all our people the present economic system has to go, and the change will have to come from the people, only we ourselves can and will set up a system that sees fairly to the needs of all our people.

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