Sunday, 5 May 2013

Glasgow May Day 2013 And Photos.


      Glasgow's May Day parade set off from George Square today Sunday 5th. May, and marched through the centre of the city and across the river. It was a well attended affair with a myriad of groups displaying their colourful banners. 

     Though well attended, not well enough, this is our day, traditionally a workers celebration day, as well as celebrating our victories, it is an opportunity to show our strength and solidarity. Now more than ever that solidarity is going to be a necessary weapon in the coming struggle. We need to come together as one body of all the people, we are not fighting a multitude of individual struggles, it is one big battle, corporate capitalism against the people. At the moment their attack is relentless, while our response seems, at times, somewhat haphazard. That is a recipe for our defeat and a continual worsening of our living conditions. 

       The marchers got a reasonably dry day, if a bit windy. Some had difficulty in managing the banners as they marched into a strong wind. One group had to do some repairs at the side of the road as their banner suffered some minor damage from the strong wind.

      All in all, a reasonable show, if not noisy enough, not boisterous enough, and certainly not large enough.

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