Monday, 27 May 2013

The Brutal Bedroom Tax.


        Iain Duncan Smith's arrogant bedroom tax, a plan to push people into the “right” size of house, according to his Orwellian formula of age and sex of children and “spare” bedrooms, is starting to produce the horrors that were predicted. Because of this dictatorial policy, we have already had one suicide, and tens of thousands of the poorest people in the UK are at risk of being forced into homelessness. According to information from 107 local authorities, 86,000 households have been forced to seek one bedroom accommodation, while in the last year only 33,000 were available. Here in Scotland, the district of Inverclyde is looking at a disaster. The council has stated that 1,100 households would be required to move to single bedroom accommodation, while only 96 were available last year.
      These families are having to take a 14% cut in their housing benefit until they find the “right” size one bedroom accommodation. A 14% cut in housing benefit to some of the most vulnerable people in our society, because of a policy that can't be implemented, is surely a brutal vindictive criminal act. The forced moving is brutal enough, but being forced to move when there is no where to move, and being hit by a cut in your housing benefit while waiting for that mythical one bedroom home, has no place in a civilised society. This policy is typical of the attitude of this millionaire cabal who are still living in the era of the landed gentry and “their” peasants, you and I, are their peasants and are not seen as “real” people. A home to them is a matter of their choice, a home to us peasants is a privilege for which we should be forever grateful. This millionaire cabal's answer to the problem is that, they don't have to move, they could take in a lodger, get employment or work extra hours.
      This callous shuffling of people to suit some economic grand plan, requires to be met with the same determination and organisation that won the 1915 rent strike, the same unity and solidarity the beat the 1989/90 poll tax. The bedroom tax is an ill conceived, unfair policy that will no nothing but cause misery and distress to thousands of families. This will affect whole communities as it will force the break up of families and force them out of homes and communities where they have lived for years. It can and must be beaten. Get organised, speak to your local anarchist federation, this is every bodies fight.

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