Friday, 10 May 2013

The Mask Is Slipping.

      The following is an extract taken from a post on the Anarchist Federation Scotland site. I believe it is well worth being read as widely as possible and repeated in as many places as possible. It allows us to see the real face behind the mask of the so called "democratic" state. Here in the UK the mask hasn't quite slipped, but we have had glimpses of that vile face of greed and repression that lurks just out of sight, and should be aware that the mask will come off and we will have, what I refer to as "bare-knuckle" capitalism, similar to what the people of Greece are experiencing at present. A dying beast can be a dangerous beast.
     ------The financial surplus that would buy off the people, then, no longer existed and the state was failing to maintain control through propaganda.  So instead its mask slipped and it began using all of its violent repression methods against all rebellious social spaces. It was more than obvious that from this stage on any form of resistance would be made illegal and repressed.  The main receiver of the state’s violent repression was of course the anarchist movement, as an example of what would happen to anyone that was willing to question the established oppressive system. The incidents of the massive state repression against the anarchist movement in Greece are innumerable.

Current developments
    The social war in Greece is now at its peak and the once ‘democratic’ state has stopped pretending and been transformed into a totalitarian regime that has as its only purpose to establish the regime necessary in neoliberal conditions for the local and foreign capitalist to exploit in the maximum possible level the social wealth and the people of Greece. A full analysis of the repressive violent attacks of the state to the movement would probably need a lot of pages starting from the new established legislation that label terrorist any form of political action that the authoritarians don’t like – even a political document that questions the capitalist structures can with the new legislation be considered as act of terrorism - to the countless attacks on squats and protests that have led to the imprisonment of hundreds comrades. Such an organised and massive attack towards a social movement hasn’t been seen before in a ‘democratic’ state, let us mention that only in the last few months the state has attacked more than ten anarchist squats and dozens of comrades have been imprisoned.------
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  1. Here in Spain the mask of fascism has fallen. The political and financial corruption flooded the news every day. 6.2027 million unemployed people watching the shameful spectacle of a gang of robbers with their loot in tax havens. It's about time, but here it is almost certain that there will be a social explosion.


  2. A social explosion in one country, the system can cope with, they are always looking at the grand plan of a sweatshop Europe. Only if there is a risk of a social explosion simultaneously in several countries across Europe will the financial Mafia moderate their plans for a sweatshop Europe. They won't abandon their plan, just temporally modify.It needs to happen suddenly across Europe.

    1. I agree with your reasoning.
      (I regret not speaking better English, I try but I find it very difficult to express fully certain issues. I'm Sure you understand).

  3. You regret not speaking better English!! On the contrary, I should apologise as I can't speak any other language other than English. Thanks for the comments.