Thursday, 2 May 2013

Asset Stripping On a Grand Scale.

       The fascist Troika, that governs Europe has dealt another blow to the income of the Greek people. Opap, the Greek government owned gambling giant, which last year made €505 million for the Greek public purse, I presume, welcome money to a state groveling for money, has been sold, on the instructions of that fascist Troika. A 33% slice of it was sold for something over €622 million, the exact figure is still “secret”, a price not much more than one year's profits. The fascist Troika has instructed the Greek government to sell of €9.5 billion of Greek assets, the Greek people's assets, by 2016. Anything that could make money for the Greek people has to be sold to the corporate world so that they can make that money. A country being punished for its debt, and the remedy is to cut of its sources of income. It is obvious that the fascist Troika's grand plan has nothing to do with debt reduction and more to do with asset stripping. Country after country is being forced to sell of the people's assets and hand the money to the banksters. All this brings the people's standard of living crashing down. What do we the people get in return for all this “austerity”, plundering? Why we get lots of pie-in-the-sky, after ten or more years of wage cuts/freeze. There will be a promised land waiting for you, if you will only accept a decade or two of groveling in the gutter you'll be just fine. Of course the parasites will not be joining you there in the gutter, no they will be laughing at you will the stuff their faces at some fancy banquet. Ah well, that's capitalism for you.

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