Friday, 10 May 2013

Solidarity, Our Strongest Weapon.

      Another link in that chain of solidarity, ann arky has linked to Loam at Arrezafe

Mi foto

       In solidarity we can change our world and turn it away from this needless sea of tears.

Though we live in a world of callous commerce
and know justice
is an altar where the caring are sacrificed,
see freedom as a river that runs parched
in the fierce desert of poverty,
our thoughts cannot be chained
our dreams will not be caged.
 We will think beyond the profit race
dream beyond the market place
in friendship clasp each human hand
with compassion try to understand
our differences, our hopes, our fears,
dragging this world from its needless sea of tears.

ann arky's home.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks mate!
    As an old Russian proverb says:
    "It is better a helping hand, even when is empty, instead of thousand gold stamped treaties".

    Salud y anarkía!