Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Cost Of An Uncivilised Society.

      As George Gideon Oliver Osborne, the George was added by himself at the age of 13, continues his slashing at social spending and spouting about financial prudence, it seems these prudence factors only apply to us lesser mortals. When it comes to war, it is acceptable just to throw money away. As the British troops prepare to pull out of Afghanistan, it would appear that the MOD has some 11,000 20ft containers jam-packed with equipment, including vehicles, lying around Afghanistan, but intends to bring back just over half of them. The rest will just simple be abandoned, who knows how many millions/billions of your tax money will end up being shuffled between local Afghanistan wheelers and dealers in black market equipment.
     Then again in another sign of financial prudence, a communications system developed for use in Afghanistan has been delayed to such an extent, that it won't be ready until after British troops are set to withdraw from the country in 2014. Let's not forget that other macho toy of the state, the F-35 jet fighter, estimated cost around the £250 billion, estimated running costs over 30 years will be in the region of £625 billion. Assuming they don't crash or get blown out of the sky, that would of course increase the cost considerably as I assume they would be replaced.
     Meanwhile the Gideon gang are closing day centres, cutting disability allowance, slapping a bedroom tax on the ordinary people and forcing people to work without wages, for multinationals. All because, they claim, we can't afford all the decencies of a civilised society. We can certainly afford all the obscenities of an uncivilised society. One super-duper 1,300mph jet fighter, £61.1 million, would translate into how much affordable social housing? One rather noisy destruction emitting tank, £4.1 million, how many existing homes could be properly insulated? Of course we should remember that the UK is now a drone nation, one drone, £2.9 million, how many free school meals? One thing we should always remember, war kills ordinary people but corporations get richer.

     We would do well to remember George Orwell's 1984, in which the government impoverishes the people with its endless military campaigns against those faceless enemies. 

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