Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Misery Equals Success.

       So the Troika and the IMF (International Mankind Fuckers) are pleased with their Greek political puppets. So much so the the rating agency Fitch has up-rated Greece by one notch from CCC to B-, which is still junk status, but the Greek corrupt political class are being rewarded for their success. 

     This success has included slashing the living standard of the people of Greece to approaching third world level, creating the ideal conditions for the corporate world to move back and take advantage of slave labour sweatshop conditions. 

   Another success of the neo-fascists political clique sitting in Athens has been to sell off billions of Euros worth of assets belonging to the people of Greece, to the corporate world in a fire sale of the century. Anything belonging to the people of Greece that could make money has to go.

      Most decent human beings look at what has happened in Greece as a tragedy, the financial Mafia see it as a success. A success they are willing to repeat in country after country in Europe. Only when they have sweatshop Europe will they be happy.

      The people have to stop asking for moderation in the cuts, we have to stop asking for "austerity" to be eased. What that is asking for is, pleased keep us a bit above third world conditions. The system is doing what it is intended to do, create conditions for the corporate world to make increase profits at lower costs. You and I are those costs, we have to be cut down in cost. That translates into low wages and no social services.

        For decent conditions for all our people the present economic system has to go, the profit motive has to be killed off. We the people have to take control of all the means of production and distribution and base our society on mutual aid.  


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  1. What sort of mockery is this? The opulent demanding austerity to the poor? People should stand up and say together once and for all: NO!