Saturday, 4 May 2013

Austerity, A Beast With Blood On Its Teeth.

     Austerity is an ugly beast, it tears at the fabric of society, bloodying the present and devouring the future. It is not just a matter of cutting down on the cappuccinos, skipping a night at the movies, it's the spread of fear, the creation of bitterness, the struggle for survival. With austerity comes anger and to contain that anger, and preserve their own privileged position, the establishment unleashes its fascist dogs, intimidation and repression are necessary for the survival of their ideological beast austerity. Austerity never arrives by accident, it is called in to do its masters bidding. What is happening in Greece is neither an accident nor necessary, it is an ideological plan. What we should not forget is that the austerity beast is already prowling the streets of other countries about to start its ravenous feast and devour the lives of those ordinary people.
    This film is not the Greece I visited for many years, it has been changed, brutalised and its people impoverished, austerity has ravished them. All this because a bunch of corrupt rich politicians follow the grand plan laid down by another bunch of even more rich financial parasites who never live in the world they create, by their enforced austerity. 

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