Friday, 10 May 2013

Religion, A Vicious Master.

      Islam, like all religions, is an institution of repression and will go to any extremes to to denigrate all those who don't conform to their narrow strict dictates. In Burma those nice Buddhists are burning and pillaging the Muslims, in vast swaths of the Middle East the various factions of Islam are slaughtering each other. We all know what the Zionists are doing to the Arabs around Israel, and let's not forget what the Catholics and Orthodox Christians did to the Muslims as Yugoslavia disintegrated, all in the name of their faith. They all spout peace and love, but practice bitter rivalry that doesn't draw the line at murder, rape, mass slaughter and ethnic cleansing. Religion has been and still is, a major player in the endless slaughter that plagues this planet. Any good claimed by religion can be done by normal human beings without the aid of their many brutal and duplicitous gods, and all the harm and horror done by human beings in the name of their many brutal and duplicitous gods, has to be laid at the feet of those religious institutions, even although they are carried out by confused and deranged human beings.

Some very brave young women:--

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  1. The only enlightening Church is the Church that burns.

    A fraternal greeting, mate!

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I'm more in favour of using the buildings for gigs, community centres and such, why waste a good resource. If your house is full of shit, you don't burn it down, you just clean it out.

    1. Obviously the sentence is a metaphor.
      However, our work erected them, and our pleasure in seeing them reduced to ashes shall burn them... if we all decided so.

  3. It's a little over simplifying to suggest that it is the religion that commits the violence. I will accept that their hierarchical institutions elicit such, but are the institutions the religions? If we look at how a man wields a tool it tells us much more bout the man than the tool. With a knife a surgeon may save a life (as his skill knowledge and intentions are good) in the hands of another man this knife maybe used to enable murder or rape etc ! Do we blame the knife or the man?Many men have wielded the tool (religion) in a skilled an helpful manner (even in revolutionary terms) and many have used it to subjugate and attack it's and others rights. Example there is a guy on FB who has a page called Anarcho-syndicalism he uses it as a platform for some pretty racist shit and he has quite a few friends, does that make anarchism racist?

  4. Who said religion commits the violence? It is always the person that commits the violence. The violence is committed in the name of religion, in the defence of religion, for the greater good of religion. The institution of religion is a power seeking institution but it is nothing without those involved, its history and how it manifests itself is how we can judge it, and that record is well written in blood and repression. Good thoughts and deeds are there in the world without religion, they are human qualities.