Friday, 26 December 2014


       Call for support and solidarity for two American animal rights activists.

Call for action: Flood the jail with magazines

     After lawsuit is filed against Kevin’s jail over magazine policy, a call to mass-mail magazines.
     On behalf of Kevin, we are asking anyone who publishes a magazine, newsletter, or any periodical to send copies to Kevin this week.
       This week, a lawsuit was filed against the jail by Prison Legal News over its refusal to allow magazines (except PLN) into prisoners.
We would like to have as many periodicals as possible mailed into the Kankakee County Jail as soon as possible. This will accomplish two objectives:  
  • Testing the jail’s willingness to comply with the law.
  • Allowing us monitor what, if any, magazines are rejected or not passed on to prisoners.
If you publish a magazine
    We’re asking anyone involved with any kind of periodical (zine, newsletter, magazine, etc) to mail a copy to Kevin. It must be clearly marked as coming from the publisher to be allowed in. And if your budget allows, please add tracking so it can be confirmed if magazines are being delivered to the jail but not Kevin.
On behalf of Kevin and all prisoners, thanks for the support.
Please send Kevin a letter of support:
(Note: Kevin Johnson is his legal name.)
Kevin Johnson #469551
Jerome Combs Detention Center
3050 South Justice Way
Kankakee, IL 60901
Tyler Lang was released from state custody in November 2013. He is currently out on bond awaiting trial on the federal charges.

Who are Tyler and Kevin:

     Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff are two Los Angeles animal rights activists who were arrested in rural Illinois for “possession of burglary tools.” After a traffic stop in which they refused consent to a police search, their car was searched anyway. Inside, police allege they found bolt cutters, wire cutters, muriatic acid, ski masks, and cammo clothing.
      Police believe these items were “burglary tools” intended to be used in a crime, and arrested Kevin and Tyler. The two are held on felony charges which carry up to 3 years in prison. They have remained in jail since their arrest on August 14th.
      There is no evidence linking them to any crime or intended crime, nor were they arrested on anyone’s property, and their history as animal advocates is the only basis for these serious felony charges.
      There are additional details which cannot yet be released, but will be posted here as soon as we are able to share more.
More details HERE:
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