Monday, 29 December 2014

Some Laugh, While Most Cry.

      The Greek parliament failed to elect a new president, at the third attempt, in spite of bribery and corruption to swing the vote. Now Greece is heading for a snap election, where it is expected that the left party Syriza will win an overall majority. This will of course see the big money leaving the Greek stage in lorry loads. Expect trouble as the die-hard establishment indulge in the usual array of dirty tricks to discredit and destroy the Syriza government if the do win. In the words of the song, "There may be trouble ahead---".
       Greece has suffered years of "austerity" destroying social services, its health service is practically defunct, its education system is in tatters, unemployment is in the stratosphere at 26%, with the youth of the country living with 50% unemployment. Twenty first century European capitalism at work.
      It is all part of the "restructuring" plan, which means destroying labour organisation, and creating a population that will be grateful for any job at any wage. Of course it is not just Greece that is getting the financial Mafia's "austerity" ideology shoved down its throat, Italy is heading down the same road, and Spain is well on the way to join Greece in the new Europe sweatshop economy. It is all just a matter of pace, but the direction is the same for the whole of Europe, UK included, or are you foolish enough to think that they will make an exception in our case?
      Meanwhile, the suits with their unearned wealth, are laughing all the way to the bank, and clinking their Champagne glasses in celebration of their wonderful "austerity" plan.
     This from arrezafe, though in Spanish, I think you'll get the general drift of the Video.

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