Sunday, 7 December 2014

We Are An Image From The Future.

       I can't help but feel for the people of Greece, what has been inflicted on them by the Troika, (EC, European Commission, ECB, European Central Bank, IMF, International Mankind Fuckers), more accurately described as the financial Mafia, is a crime against humanity. Their health service has been trashed, suicides, mental health problems, and substance abuse, have shot up to the stratosphere. Their education system is in a state of collapse, poverty and deprivation is endemic, and homelessness is in epidemic proportions. All this presided over by a cabal of rich, self-centred and corrupt politicians, who always dance to the tune of the financial Mafia.
 Alexis Grigoropoulos.
       Of course it is not all being taken meekly and subserviently by the people of Greece, they continue to fight for the right to dignity and a decent life. This despite being constantly attacked by, what is probably the most brutal police force in Europe. The case of Nikos Romanos epitomises the state brutality under which the people of Greece struggle for dignity. This young man of 21 years at the age of 15, cradled his best friend of the same age, Alexis Grigoropoulos, as he lay dying on the street from a bullet in the chest, from the gun of a member of that brutal police force. Nikos's early youth must have been shaped by this callous act of brutality.
Nikos Romanos after arrest.
      Exactly six years on from that brutal, murderous event on December 6, 2008, Nikos finds himself in prison and on hunger strike, close to death. Acts of solidarity for Nikos take place across Greece, and cities across the world, on a constant bases. If the young Nikos Romanos dies in prison, and with recent reports of his condition pointing to that, it will have been an unnecessary, brutal, callous, vindictive murder, by a brutal callous, vindictive state, that puts its homage to the financial Mafia, above that of the people of Greece. But what will his death mean to the people of Greece, will it finally raise their righteous anger to that point of no return? Their suffering and that of Nikos Romanos, gives them the right to enjoy the ecstasy of their righteous anger.
      That dystopian future is now. On Saturday, it will be exactly six years since Alexis’ murder — and Alexis’ best friend Nikos Romanos, if he is lucky, will be spending it in hospital. Nikos stopped eating on November 10 in protest against the authorities’ refusal to grant him his legal right to educational furlough. His doctors warn that he is in critical condition and could succumb from heart or kidney failure anytime. The government has given hospital staff the order to force-feed him, but the doctors have refused. As Nikos’ health steadily deteriorates, the streets are becoming ever more combustible — especially in anticipation of the annual commemoration march for Alexis on Saturday.
       On Tuesday night, fierce riots broke out in downtown Athens after more than 10.000 people marched through the city in solidarity with Nikos and four anarchist comrades who recently joined him on his hunger strike. The images of burning cars in Exarchia led many to wonder if a replay of 2008 might be in the cards if the state does not give in to Nikos’ demands soon. Riot police responded with the usual teargas and baton rounds, but what was truly worrisome were later reports that at least 10 detainees had been hospitalized with heavy injuries, including broken limbs and ribs. Two Syriza MPs who rushed to the police headquarters found the sixth floor of the building “covered in blood.”
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