Sunday, 28 December 2014

First They Came For The Anarchists----!!!

       Proof, if ever it was needed, that Europe keeps lurching to the right. Spain has started dawn raids and dragging people from their homes because of their beliefs. No, it is not anti-religion, it is anti-free-thought, those having their doors knocked in are anarchists. Obviously the privileged, pampered establishment, see anarchism as the greatest threat to their plundering, repressive regime. First they give their repression an inoffensive name, the this case of the Spanish onslaught on freedom it is call “Operation Pandora”, rather than “let's kill the opposition”.
       As expected, the people of Spain didn't take this lying down, and there have been mass demonstrations in various parts of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Seville, to mention a few. These early morning raids are seen in Spain for what they are, state kidnappings, as the state comes down hard on those who would dare to resist its repression.
    The Spanish state, Like the rest of Europe is attempting to crush any resistance to the ideology of the financial Mafia, namely “austerity”, a brutal treatment meant only for the ordinary people.
       The financial Mafia are determined to force wages and conditions in Europe down to sweatshop standards, so as to compete with the Eastern sweatshop economies. And as the resistance grows, so does the repression. You don't have to have committed any crime, just hold a particular point of view that sees the plundering of the ordinary people as wrong, and you could see yourself facing the full force of the “law”.
     Europe today is no different from the 30's, it is in turmoil, as resistance grows as the capitalists carry out what they call economic and labour relation adjustments, which translates into getting rid of organised labour, so as to reduce wages and decimate conditions, and increase profit. World War II saved their bacon then, as the imperialists set about redrawing their borders, under the banner of “democracy” and patriotism. What will they dream up to save them this time, and will we let them?
      On December 16, Operation Pandora was unleashed. The State’s security forces burst into different houses and squats in Barcelona and Madrid, and eleven anarchist comrades were kidnapped.
    This kidnapping—and it couldn’t have been done any other way—was coordinated with the media, who helped justify and legitimate it with heart and soul, spreading the news that the police had carried out an operation against international anarchist terrorism. This kidnapping of eleven comrades set off a multitude of rallies and demonstrations that same day in different cities—Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, and Zaragoza, for example—thousands of people coming out in solidarity with the kidnapped comrades and showing rage and hatred towards the State’s new repressive operation against the libertarian movement.
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