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An Injury To One----!!!

       Divide and rule has always been the strategy of the rich and powerful, and the politically aware individuals among the ordinary people, have always called for unity in our struggle to combat the continuing onslaught against our conditions.
       However we are stuck in the past if we see the struggle on a national scale, calling for unity against our national government, as if that would solve the problem. It is not, and never has been a national struggle, it is an international struggle. The powers that be, will still use the same tactic of divide and rule but they work on a pan-European, pan-world scale. As we struggle with the austerity attack here in the UK, the exact same thing is going on across Europe, and elsewhere in the world.
      Our struggles are replicated across the world, but our babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, doesn't give much cover to these struggles. Ireland for example where recently 100,000 people took to the streets in the continuing struggle against water charges. Or in Belgium, where a strike on December 15, across public and private sectors, brought thousands onto the streets in several areas across Belgium, bring the country to a standstill.
     We in each of the countries of Europe should see these struggles as our struggles and organise accordingly. An injury to one is an injury to all, is not a national slogan, it is a basic philosophy of all the ordinary people battling under the repressive capitalist system. We, here in the UK, should be organising in support of the Irish and the Belgium people. Likewise these countries should be involved in supporting our struggles here. Our unity is unbeatable, as small groups, they are, and will continue to, kick the shit out of us.
       Finance and corporate power doesn't recognise national borders as they attack the ordinary people, why should we the people, recognise these borders, in our struggle for justice?
      A European country in crisis. Men in black come to the rescue. With the complicity of the national government, they impose painful measures on the population. Men in black never forget to be nice to their friends, so the measures include a provision to privatize public water services. As a reaction, massive citizen’s mobilizations take place. The story sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
     We have already experienced this situation in Greece, and just a few months ago, Greek citizens won the battle, and water will remain in public hands. Now history repeats itself, and the struggle against water privatization and commodification is at boiling point in Ireland.
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On the Belgium strike:

     To understand the events, the political context should be pointed out. In Belgium, the attacks against workers have been going on for 25 years coming governments in which the social democrats participate. After the long political crisis following the 2010 , marked by the victory in Flanders of the NVA, the SP Prime Minister estimated that “to save the country” it had to step up these attacks, so that the Flemish traditional right could beat the neoliberal-nationalists and that the coalition with social democracy could be continued.
     This policy - which cost the workers the trifling sum of 20 billion Euros - was a terrible fiasco. Last May, the return of the coalition seemed the most likely option. But, to general surprise, the French-speaking Liberal party, put into the saddle by the Palace, formed a homogeneous rightwing coalition with the Flemish Christian Democrat , the Flemish Liberals and the NVA. This latter agreed to keep quiet on its separatist , in return for an ultra-neoliberal program.
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