Monday, 8 December 2014

Grangemouth Anti-Fracking Protest.

     This afternoon ann arky was at the anti-fracking peaceful protest at Grangemouth. Despite the Baltic weather, it really was wet, windy and foul, there was a fair gathering of people from different political backgrounds, with the usual array of  colourful banners as well as some well wrapped up kids.
     Fracking is another one of those insane ideas that corporations come up with that can make a lot of money for their shareholders, while showing complete disregard for the people that live in the areas affected. The list of problems that flow from fracking is endless, subsidence, earthquakes, toxins finding their way into the water table, rivers and the soil. Drinking water contaminated and the resultant health problems. But still the powers that be will push ahead with the licensing of fracking contracts, even to the extent of trying to bribe some of the local communities with the promise of some of the money from the insane and dangerous scheme coming to them. They would of course, as they are in the pocket of the big corporations, as well has having some of their millions invested in those companies. Let's hope that the anger against fracking grows and grows, until our whisper becomes a roar.

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