Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Down Is Up, And Bad Is Good.


       Remember all those news clips of the nut-cases punching and head-butting their way trough the throngs to get their hands on a TV/camera/kettle or whatever? It was Black Friday when the retail greed merchants were supposed to show us how prosperous we were by displaying mind blowing figures of how much better off we are because we all spent so much more than last year. Well I haven't seen the UK figures, but in the US it was a bit of a flop. Though that doesn't stop the propaganda merchants from turn a minus into a positive. In this crazy world of spin they can make you believe, (if you're daft enough) that down is up, and bad is good.

      Finally, what we said earlier about a surge in online sales, well forget it - it was a lie based on the now traditional skewed perspectives from a few self-servcing industry organizations:
     Despite many retailers offering the same discounts on the Web as they offered in stores, the Internet didn’t attract more shoppers or more spending than last year. Online sales accounted for 42% of sales racked up over the four-day period, the same percentage as last year, though up from 26% in 2006, the trade group said.
    In fact, it was worse: "Shoppers spent an average $159.55 online, down 10.2% from $177.67 last year."
But the propaganda piece de resistance is without doubt the following:
    “A highly competitive environment, early promotions and the ability to shop 24/7 online all contributed to the shift witnessed this weekend,” Mr. Shay said.
     So to summarize: holiday sales plunged, and Americans refused to shop because the economy is "stronger than ever" and because Americans have the option of shopping whenever, which is why they didn't shop in the first place. That, and of course plunging gasoline prices leading to... plunging retail sales, just as all the economists "correctly" predicted.
Goebbels approves.

Read the full article HERE:
       Sounds as if the American boom, is more American doom. The simple reason of course, is that in America, like the rest of the world, poverty is growing among the majority. Across the globe, wealth is being sucked up to that small bunch of parasites that control the financial Mafia and the corporate beast. It will continue to do so until we the ordinary people put a stop to it, by destroying capitalism and creating community based structures that see to the needs of all our people. Don't expect the vampire squids and parasites to do the changing for us, they'll willingly suck you to death, without an after thought.
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