Tuesday, 9 December 2014

You Grow The Food, You Create The Energy!!!

         The picture in the UK is grim, we have had almost 5 years of wage cuts/freezes and rising inflation, a sure path to deprivation for millions. We are informed by our millionaire lords and masters, that the cuts so far are nothing to what has yet to come. This picture of falling income has seen food banks on a rapid increase, we are a nation of families that go hungry. Since 2007 food prices in the UK have risen by 32%, twice the average in the EU, with “experts” predicting matters getting worse, as they expect food prices to rise at twice the rate of inflation for at least a decade, with your shopping basket price rising by approximately 4% per year, until around 2022. When it comes to energy prices, they have been rising at 8 times the rate of earnings. Since October 1010, energy suppliers have increased their prices by 37%.
       These two factors, food price increases and energy price increases tied to low or no wage increases, are enough to push millions more of us into poverty. When you factor in more cuts in the next five years, than we have seen in the last five, millions will move from poverty to deprivation on a massive scale.
        No matter which of the millionaire parties you may decide to vote for, if you are foolish enough to vote, It will make no difference. All the major parties are tied into what the financial Mafia have prescribed. No party will upset their financial masters, for fear of reprisals, the parasites will lift their money and go elsewhere. Bringing turmoil for the country, and our lords and master might lose control of the population as unrest could explode. Capitalism is not patriotic, that's for the peasants, it will callously see a country's infrastructure disintegrate into ruin, and to hell with the people, if its puppet politicians don't toe the line.
     No amount of lobbying your MP, changing the suited smiling face at the podium, or trying to change the party “from within”, will not make one iota of a difference. You may get a few more crumbs here, or an extra teabag there, but the trajectory of our living standards will be for ever downwards. The only hope is to dismantle the whole stinking edifice that is the capitalist system, and from its ruins build that fairer world that we all want. A society that is based on mutual aid, co-operation and voluntary association, one that is free from the cancerous profit motive, and sees to the needs of all our people. You grow the food, you create the energy, why do you go without?
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