Thursday, 11 December 2014

Statement from Nikos Romanos.

      The first public statement from Nikos Romanos since ending his 31 day hunger strike. This is a remarkable victory brought about by the courage and tenacity of this young man. We wish the strength to continue your chosen path.
From Act For Freedom Now:

Following 31 days of a tough and tenacious struggle, I end my hunger strike, having scored an important victory. The amendment voted in Parliament with me its single recipient, had important differences to the initial proclamation of the Minister of Justice, eventually meeting my demands – even if this involves me “wearing an electronic bracelet”.
The only thing certain is that this victory was an outcome of the political pressure applied for it by the people in struggle and  Combative Anarchy are indisputably the great moral, political and practical victors. The multiform revolutionary struggle and us, as political prisoners, resurface from this struggle stronger than before.
I raise my fist, sending the warmest regards and my unlimited love to all those comrades who stood by my side.
PS: A detailed text will follow in the days to come.
PS2: I would like to also thank the hospital doctors who refused to bow to the pressure by the attorney regarding my forced feeding, and who supported me to the possible extent.
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