Sunday, 13 December 2015

An Ideology Of Pain.

       Jingle bells, jingle bells, have yourself a very merry Christmas, 'tis the season of good will, but what if your one of the nations disabled. The chances are you will be struggling, distraught, and looking at an empty table. This system which at present is being managed by a millionaire cabal from the Oxbridge sausage factory, who don't give a shit about people, is all about accountancy. Shifting wealth from the poorest and most vulnerable to the richest and most powerful. Today, the team of “Right Honourable Gentlemen” wielding the levers of power in the Westminster Houses of Hypocrisy and Corruption, are probably the most callous, vicious, self-centred and dangerous ever to stick their snouts in the political feeding trough. They will slash the living standards of all, including the poor, sick, elderly and disabled, with a gay abandon, and flourish of smug self-righteousness, portraying it as necessary reforms to balance the budget. While in the next breath, deciding to blast the Syrian people with destructive missiles at whopping £800,000 an bang. 
      Across the country people are bleeding from the claws of poverty, none more so than the disabled, all inflicted to help big business, all carried out to a strict ideology. In capitalist economics there is no place for compassion in the calculations.
This from The Herald: 
       Tibbitt, a single mother who has no other support from family or friends, applied for disability living allowance (DLA) on behalf of her son after she gave up working in an office in order to care for Jordan.
      She was awarded the benefit for one year, along with a carer’s allowance, but when her son recently turned 16 she was told she would have to apply for a new form of benefit for him, known as Personal Independence Payment (PIP).
       However, when Jordan feel ill she failed to complete the form in time for the DWP’s deadline due to the gravity of her son's illness. He had to be admitted to hospital for nearly a week and has been in and out for various appointments, including a bronchoscopy under general anaesthetic to examine his airways. He has also been diagnosed with an inflammation in his hip bone, which the doctors believe could be linked to the strong steroids he has to take, and has been given crutches to help him walk.
       Tibbitt received a letter from the DWP in late November saying her son's application for PIP had been rejected because the form had not been sent back in time. On same day she phoned the DWP to advise them of the circumstances why, sent the application form by recorded delivery and was told a decision would then be given in 10 days.
       But just days ago, letters arrived from the DWP advising the DLA and her carer’s allowance had been stopped. Tibbitt said she has been told there is no record of her previous conversation with the DWP and it will take up to nine weeks to consider the PIP application - leaving her all but destitute well into the New Year.
Read the full article HERE:
       I have no doubt this case is not unique, not the worst, but is replicated in varying degrees across the country. What makes this even more nauseating, is that it is inflicted by those with unimaginable wealth, those who don't know what it is to worry about a bill, to cut down on food to care for your child. Why do we tolerate this humiliating indignity from those who are lesser beings than ourselves. Why do we stand by and watch our sick, elderly and disabled being treated in such an inhuman manner, when we can well afford to see to everybody's needs? We create all the wealth on this planet, isn't it about time we decided how we will distribute that wealth? 
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