Sunday, 13 December 2015

Repression, The State's Only Tool.


        The state's attack on anarchist in Spain continues, the only change is the fancy names they give each phase of the same repression. Recently in Spain they had operation "Pandora", now the have moved on to operation "Ice". Giving fancy  names to the same attack on the freedom of the people, just allows them to increase what they are already doing, trying to suppress all dissent, stifle all resistance to the power of the state. Of course it always flies under the false flag of protecting your freedom. We all know, or should know, that Spain is not unique in this crushing of desire for change from the people. It is the way that the state functions, by those in its upper echelons, the state is seen as an omnipotent deity, all powerful, and must be obeyed.
     Spanish police decided to name their latest repressive blow against the anarchist milieu as ‘Operation Ice’. 5 comrades of the Straight Edge collective in Madrid were arrested on 4 thNovember 2015 on charges of organized crime with intents of terrorism, damages and defence of terrorism.
      Police accused them of having placed 4 homemade incendiary devices against several branches of La Caixa y Bankia bank in Madrid, of causing damages to another bank and a commercial hub in Barcelona, all actions that had been claimed with graffiti left on the spots.
     Police raids carried out mainly in Madrid allegedly uncovered materials destined to the fabrication of explosive devices and gunpowder. After being held in the police station, the 5 comrades were taken to the central tribunal number 3 of the Audiencia Nacional, where prison custody was confirmed for Juan Manuel Bustamante Vergara and Borja Marquerie Echave, whereas the others were released after about 20,000-euro bail was paid.
      The media of the regime reported that Juan and Borja were the alleged ‘leaders’ and that one of them was of Chilean origin, thus contributing to the thesis that also supports previous repressive waves.
       On their part, Straight Edge – Madrid publicly announced they were breaking up their collective with a short communiqué, which only played the game of repression, amplified State terrorism and indirectly denied any relation with those arrested thus allowing the Spanish State’s recent police policy to generate isolation and control. All our disgust goes to those who deny their relations, stances and history …

All our solidarity goes to the proud ones who won’t repent.
Solidarity with Juan and Borja!

Juan Manuel Bustamante Vergara was transferred to another
jail on 17th November. This is his address:

Juan Manuel Bustamante Vergara
Centro Penienciario Madrid IV, Navalcarnero.
Ctra. N-V, km. 27.7,
28600 Navalcarnero
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