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Greece's Resurgent Anarchist Movement.

      Anarchist and anarchist groups should always change and adapt to the shifting conditions of the capitalist morass. The aim may be the same, but the route has to be devised as we move forward. In Greece where the capitalist system is an open fight of raw brutality, capitalism with the gloves off, so, Greece's anarchist movement is going through change, and a resurgence. 
This by Tommy Trenchard at Al Jazeera: 

A makeover

     Anarchy is not new to Greece. Though opinions differ on the details, anarchists say the movement started in the port city of Patras, and was brought across the Ionian sea by dockhands from Italy some time in the mid-19th century. Since then it has ebbed and flowed over the years, taking credit for helping to topple Greece's military dictatorship in the early 1970s and fighting educational reform throughout the 1990s.
     But since the beginning of the country's economic crisis in 2008, the movement has been resurgent as disaffected young Greeks look for alternatives to a political and economic system many see as discredited.
    On one Wednesday earlier in the year, I watched as masked anarchists in hoodies and black T-shirts hurled bottles and petrol bombs at riot police in front of the parliament building. Such exchanges have become routine.
      These are, perhaps, the images that most commonly come to mind when people think of anarchists. But after decades of being seen largely as a protest movement of ideologues and dreamers, Greece's anarchists are having a makeover.
      As frustration with conventional politics deepens, the movement is attempting to rebrand itself as a realistic alternative for disillusioned young Greeks by showing that it offers more than violence and vague ideas of freedom. The concert in Kesariani was a part of this initiative.
      "The revolution will not come with flowers," he said. "They need to see that we have the power to create but also to destroy. Again and again."
     Back in K-Vox, however, V is confident that their many pockets of support across the capital can capitalise on the current state of turmoil in the country. "The movement is maturing. All over Athens we have these assemblies now; everywhere small fires are burning. We hope they will join up until they take over the city."
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