Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Democracy, Secrecy Behind Closed Doors.

      The babbling brook of bullshit, the mainstream media, would have us believe we live in a democracy. A strange democracy, where we choose our lords and masters, pay their salaries and excessive expenses, but that democracy holds the governments papers for thirty years, in secret, away from the prying eyes of the public, that is supposed to be their employer. Some of the stench from those recently released secret papers is now beginning to fill our nostrils. The underhand, back stabbing double dealing of the Thatcher years is now appearing in the public domain. 
     One such stench comes from David Willets, who in Thatcher's government claimed that the Scots were a juicy target for cuts, as well as stating that they could gain votes down south if they were seen to be plundering the Scots, also stating that the Scots had their snouts in the trough. He had to resign because he had "dissembled" in his evidence to the Standards and Privileges Committee over whether pressure was put onto an earlier investigation into Neil Hamilton's brown paper envelope saga. Despite his “dissembling” of evidence, his career would not suffer, in fact he was rewarded like so many of the products from Oxbridge sausage factory, by a cushy number in the “Lords” and is now slouching about in ermine as Baron Willets. 
     Another smell from the recently released secret papers is one Oliver Letwin, another product from the Oxbridge sausage factory, also responsible for the vomiting of rabid racist remarks while serving in Thatcher's band of rogues. He is now a senior policy adviser to King rat Cameron. While an aide to Maggie at No. 10 in 1985, it is alleged that he said that white people are not prone to disorder, and stating that a scheme to encourage black entrepreneurs would only result in them investing in discos and drugs.
       These are just two of the band rabid racist, Oxbridge arseholes, whose views were known to those who brought them into their inner circle, to decide policies that shape our lives, so we can accept that their views are acceptable to the cabal that we keep in luxury, and allow to rule over our lives. No wonder they keep their stinking dirty linen secret for 30 years. Democracy behind closed doors, and with secret papers, if it wasn't so dangerous and disgusting, it would be funny.
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