Thursday, 10 December 2015

ISIS, Turkey, Israel And Blood Stained Oil.

       So America can bomb and smash the Iraqi regime and bring it crashing down, it can step in with NATO and bring down the Libyan regime, but it can't stop the march of ISIS, strange. More than 15 months of bombing, over 8,000 bombing operations, and the oil still keeps on flowing through ISIS to fund their operations. The slaughter and the posturing politics of the imperialist states goes on, with nobody really sure what the hell is going on. The only thing we can be sure of, is that hundreds of thousands of ordinary people are being killed, maimed and traumatised. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing their homeland and and barely surviving in fields and inadequate camps, far from home. A humanitarian crisis across the Middle East and a humanitarian crisis unfolding here in Europe continues to be playing out before our eyes and all because of imperialist foreign policies. Money changes hands, bankers and brokers get rich, governments gobble up the blood stained oil, and the people suffer. This is the playing field of world capitalism.

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