Thursday, 10 December 2015

Condemning And Condoning Violence.

      Who are the enemies of civilisation, who are the murders of civilians, who gains most from the slaughter on a massive scale? Those who gain most from death and destruction are not bandits, rebels and suicide bombers, no, they are those in expensive clothes, they have yachts, private jets, several homes in different lands, they are the CEO and shareholders of the arms companies. They are lauded in high places by heads of states and governments, they get seats on think tanks, they shape government policy. Such companies as:
AAI Corporation
Alliant Techsystems
Auto-Ordnance Company
BAE Systems Inc.
Bushmaster Firearms International
Colt's Manufacturing Company
General Atomics
General Electric (primarily through GEAE)
General Dynamics
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Raytheon Corporation
Royal Aquarius Empire Corporation
Smith & Wesson
Springfield Armory, Inc.
THOR Global Defense Group
United Technologies (primarily through Pratt and Whitney, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation)
BAE Systems
Cobham plc

     Of course every state on the planet has its, manufacturers of murder, one can't exist without the other. As long as we have states, we will be shackled to their murderous exploits, as they scheme to increase their power and influence to commandeer the planet's resources.

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Posted by Alex George on Thursday, 3 December 2015
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